Club News - Updated 23/3/20

Covid 19 - Corona Virus

The changes today with the alteration of alert levels will have a big impact on members.

While there is a vast amount of information and misinformation around protection from the virus, please take the lead from the government health sites listed below:

Protect Yourself Poster

Covid-19 Alert Levels


Please everyone take all nescessary precautions to protect yourselves. While there will be restrictions on travel etc., we can still go to the supermarket, doctors etc. and get supplies of services we need.

In this time it will be important for us to try to keep in communication with freinds and family. This can be done via phone, mobile, text, email etc. If you have time, chat to your neighbour over the fence (maintaining your safe distance).

And as we have said before, if you need help do not hesitate to contact one of the committee members to see how we can help you. We will do what we can to help everyone come through this event safely.



While the Auckland Council have closed the libraries, you can still get to read books, magazines etc. online or download them onto a device to read over the next few weeks. Please go to their website for more information and instructions. We do have a range of books at the club which we could arrange to be dropped off or other members may be able to do a bit of book swapping.


Online bridge Sites:


Social Distractions:

There are even some bridge books you can read online for free.









Our next event is the May Charity Tournament. Please see our tournament page for updates in case of cancellation.